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Lead UCD Practice / Lead Designer

I am a designer that thrives on solving tough problems that have the potential to have a large impact. User-centered design means designing products that users love because they solve the right problems. Let's solve impactful problems together!

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01 My UI/UX Projects

Parallel Lines

INCATech redesigned the Department of Education's website as part of a design challenge sponsored by the Department of Education. The redesign included: 

  • Branding guidance

  • Modern components

  • Streamlined user experience

  • Fully responsive design that includes all major viewports 

  • Style guide

  • Implementation plan

  • 508 compliance plan

  • Prototypes


I am the lead designer on this project for the Joint Personnel Recovery Agency (JPRA). PRIDS is responsible for organizing all Personnel Recovery Mission files, managing personnel recovery support products, and streamlining the agency's workflows. This system will enhance collaboration with all Geographic Combatant Commands (GCCs) in regards to personnel recovery. This system incorporates advanced search technologies that include GIS integration.

Gray Structure

I was the lead designer on this project and worked in collaboration with Lockheed Marting. Crypto is used by 4SOPs at Schriever AFB to control satellite permissions via the assignment of cryptographic keys to military units of all military branches around the world.


Astro is a design system that is sponsored by the United States Space Force and Space & Missile Defense Command. It is a design system created to enable a consistent user experience across the different space systems that are utilized by the U.S. military. Astro is an open-source UX design system built specifically for the space domain. It includes best UX practices, a UI component library, sample applications, and design assets for Sketch and Adobe XD.

Curved Lines

This project was during my tenure at Kessel Run. We supported the users at Al Udeid, Qatar that used Slapshot to plan military air missions happening in the middle east. Slapshot visualizes Master Air Attack Planning Missions to allow for optimized asset pairing while considering mission needs, asset availability, fuel needs, and other vital requirements necessary for mission success.


This project was during my tenure at Kessel Run. We supported the users in Al Udeid, Qatar that used Jigsaw to plan military air refueling request missions in the middle east. Jigsaw optimizes and streamlines tanker planning by visualizing air refueling requests and calculating mission feasibility while optimizing refueling of all mission aircraft. Jigsaw saves millions of dollars every day on fuel costs alone. The success of this project started the entire Kessel Run organization.

Parallel Lines

These are small web applications that demonstrate my working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

These personal projects were not only fun to create but helped me better understand the various web languages. I feel that having a better understanding of the technical aspects of design makes me a better collaborator with developers. It helps me understand the complexity of development and the types of designs that are achievable. It also helped me understand accessibility and why it is so important do implement properly.

02 Graphics & Illustrations